Heartbroken on a Tuesday Afternoon

We used to have it all. Or, at least I thought we did. Maybe I was just lonely. Maybe I was kinda sad. Maybe I thought you felt it, too. You weren’t always the best. I know you wouldn’t be the best for me, but I fell anyways. I fell hard. That’s the sad thing about falling in love. Because anything that falls gets broken. It might not be completely shattered, just a little dented. But anything that falls gets broken somehow. I didn’t know I had fallen. Or, maybe I knew and I didn’t want to admit it. Anyone would be afraid to admit feelings that strong after being destroyed the way I was. That’s the thing though, I fall and break so easily. I should know better by now, but I don’t. Will I ever? You’ve probably found somebody new now. Somebody cute and funny and happy. Somebody that isn’t me.

It was never me.


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