All Because of You

Warm flesh meets the cold handle of a large green door.
Stranger after stranger passes through with unspoken gratitude,
or perhaps no gratitude at all.
I did not invite them into my sanctuary.
They are intruders in my eyes,
yet I remain silent.

My floral oxfords tip toe through the maze of shelves.
Like a honeybee does his dance,
I know the floor plan well.
Left again

I do not complain about their mistake.
I simply take my seat among the other lonely dreamers.
Why else would they be here if not to escape?
Worry is hushed as we unleash our own copies of perfect fantasy.

In a place where silence consumes visitors’ ears,
my screaming imagination remains unnoticed by all.
No one here is in danger.
No one here is in pain.
No one here is in trouble.

Thoughts stomp around in my head.
Images float like hot air balloons in a painted, New Mexico sky.
Where evil should arise,
roses bud.
As time elapses, these gems crash and push and fester
into the walls of reality.

“Thank you for shopping at Barnes and Noble Chandler.
Please come again soon.”
Of course I will return
this is my sanctuary.
But right now I have life to attend to.


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