Ode to My Caffeine Addiction

How awful the world would be if there was no such thing as

liquid joy. I don’t want to think about it.

I don’t want to wake up every cold and bitter morning

knowing that blue, ceramic mug will never

kiss his lips-

my favorite lips.


Last night I dreamt of you.

Sorry, not him. My true love:

the latte.

But you should know, Mr. Latte,

that I sometimes falter in my ways-

the macchiato

and I are very happy together.

I pinky promise we only go so far, but you understand,


And I suppose since I’m already spewing truths,

you both should know I also fool around with

the mocha.

It’s nothing serious, just a “drink with benefits”, if you will.


An addiction isn’t always a negative thing.

Or maybe it is and I couldn’t care less.

Or maybe it isn’t and I still couldn’t care less.

Espresso and I are just two beans in a pod who

could not care less.


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