In Case You Didn’t Know

(a revision of “A Man’s Conversation with Regret, an Old Friend” because I think it’s lame)

She was the Earth and you had no business

walking it.

Her affection calmed storms,

her kiss a glimpse of the heaven you’ll

never set foot in (as if you believed in ‘stupid shit’ like that).

I guess what I’m trying to say is

she loved you; she loved your demons

even when they played with matches,

burning her accidentally, slowly, like flames

licking trees in a wildfire.

You knew she had a kerosene heart.

Singed limbs strewn about, coated

in a fine layer of ash and turmoil, haunt

every corner

of your sweet nightmares. They curl ten brittle twigs around

your pathetic slumber, but you never stop

to wonder why you wake each morning

with stale alcohol on your tongue. Or perhaps

a cocktail of lighter fluid and reckless affection.


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