“Freedom” as defined in a 2130 American History book

Children are in cages while dogs run free, yet
somehow, they’re the bitches in this situation.
We joke about how our skin glows in daylight,
so why don’t we point fingers and shed some
much-deserved light on what is wrong?
What is your nationality if not “doing what is right”?
Or are you more comfortable doing what is
tolerated? You’d rather sit around and stuff your face
full of democracy, when you’re not even
registered to vote.
We scream at people in the comment section because
disagreeing with someone is easier than being
on the right side of history. Keep typing
profanities and we’ll keep dialing our senators.
What’s so great about patriotism if all we do
is print it across beach towels?
What’s so great about any of us if all we do
is the absolute bare minimum?
Tell me, what’s so great about America if all we do
is turn our backs?
A mother is carrying a child on hers while another
has no idea where her children are.
I spent years in therapy working to tear down my own
walls, and now everyone just decided that it’s okay
to build even more. I don’t think insurance will cover
the cost of how many sessions it will take to bring us
all the way back to the beginning-
redemption has no price tag.


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