Poetic Conversations with Lovers at Night

“Do you think the moon ever gets tired of hiking the sky every night?”

“I don’t think any living thing could tire of illuminating what hides in the day.”

“But how can something hide in sunlight? It’s so bright.”

“Yes, but you’ve spent so many days searching for yourself, only to find the answer rising and falling on his chest as the tide consumes you both. The moon merely tiptoes on stars, and the exhaustion pales in comparison.”


What it’s like to linger in an eclipse

I took a picture of the sunset yesterday, and
it looked like poetry. That wasn’t my first
thought, though. I was tired.
The days are bleeding together, much like
the natural gradient of verdigris to amber
-the day turning to night when it grows cold.

I think I found you there, somewhere
in the middle of it all. You always seem to rise
when I need you most. When I’m searching
for a spark to ignite the darkness, you
appear with matches, strike them on the space

that inevitably exists between us. I am warm.
I am still tired, and the hues are fading
to blackness. You fear the viridian sky
will consume us, and the ocean waves
will cease their greeting to the shore. Or

is that my own scared bones rattling
in new wind? Did I mention I was tired?
A mother sings her lullabies, and I look
up to your glistening craters; your
incandescent embrace surrounds me,

and I find myself dancing in you.


The mountains don’t glow like magic

anymore- they’re just dark shadows

of dust and despair, and I miss the way

they sang each night. Their song

was your song, and yours, mine.

I miss the way its tune matched the

beating in my tiny chest.


I watch as you ascend above the range

like a ghost floating toward its forgotten

lover, reach out illuminated fingers, and

place stars in my eyes- they haven’t

been dry in months.


If I could fly, I’d paint galaxies in your

craters. And if you were here, you’d tell me

you’re already part of a starry cluster. But

what good is knowing you belong to something

so large when the real magic

has lived within you from the beginning?

I hope you know you are brighter than them all.

I hope you know how much you’re worth.